Images and BorderPanes in JavaFX and FXML

For this entry, I have decided to introduce 2 things at the same time:  working with images in your JavaFX/FXML application and using the BorderPane as a layout container for your application.  Using images is very easy in JavaFX/FXML – simply create an Image object that points to an image […]

Radio Buttons in JavaFX and FXML

Radio buttons are like the brother to CheckBoxes, the only difference is that they can be setup to force the user to select ONLY ONE of them at a time.  The code to read the user selection is almost identical to CheckBoxes as you will see later.This post will show […]

CheckBoxes in JavaFX and FXML

Checkboxes are handy little widgets that allow you to select one or more options at the same time.  You can either have your program watch for changes in a user selection right away (when the user clicks on or off a single checkbox) or in a separate button (like a […]

Creating a Pop-Up Window in JavaFX

If you read my post on how to switch scenes in JavaFX, you would have noticed that the whole time the program was running, there was always just 1 window.  But what if you want a pop-up Window?Well, the approach is very similar but there are a few ‘tweaks’ you […]