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Who Am I?

My name is John Martens. me I have been teaching Java for about 15 years to young programmers who are just discovering how ‘cool’ and exciting Computer Science can be.  I have even taken some of my more experienced students through the Advanced Placement Computer Science exam process with many successful results.

Why Have I Made This Site?

In all my time teaching Java, I believe that JavaFX has become one of the most important and exciting developments in the history of the Java language which is why I have created this site – to help other programmers both experienced and new (myself included) explore this new iteration of Java.  I am by no means the ‘final authority’ on JavaFX (or anything else for that matter) but as I learn these new features of the Java language I intend to share my findings here and on my YouTube channel.  So take a look around as I continue to build the site.  I hope you find something useful, helpful or interesting and if so, spread the word – (if not just keep it quiet, ok?)

Is There a Commercial Side to My Efforts?

Wow – that’s a pretty abrupt question, why would you even ASK something like that?  Well I guess now that its out there I might as well be up front about it – yes, there will be ads on the site to support my efforts, along with a complete JavaFX course that I will be offering for sale at some point in the future – but all the material on this site free.   I will even make myself available for consulting services at some point down the line to any organizations who need support in helping programmers learn Java or make the transition to JavaFX.

Is There Anything JavaFX-ish You Want to Know?

I can’t guarantee I can show it to you – like I mentioned before I am not the final expert on JavaFX, but you can always leave me a note and I’ll see what I can do.

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